The most efficient, fully portable, battery powered pond deicer available!

The all new ICE BLASTER continually circulates the warmer water from the pond bottom to the surface to actually eat the ice and keep it wide open which creates a welcome sign for waterfowl. It is also effective for moving pond scum, algae and debris from the surface and makes it more appealing to birds on the move.

The Ice Blaster operates in as little as 2ft of water and the angle of the water flow is fully adjustable which allows you to move bottom debris, create surface current or even point it upwards to create a frothy surface aerator. The machine comes complete with a 35ft heavy duty power cord and adjustable 2ft legs. It will run approximately 5 hours on a deep cycle marine battery (not supplied).

Initial assembly takes less than 5 minutes. On site set up and and removal takes almost no time.

The Ice Blaster offers an amazing thrust level which is created by a highly efficient motor and prop and is made of extremely high quality materials and we warranty it for 2 years.

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