How To KEEP ICE off of a DUCK HUNT POND – WI waterfowl ice blaster

A New Waterfowl Hunting Innovation —

Don’t let pond ice cut your waterfowl hunting season short!
Now you can extend your waterfowl hunting season with our all new Ice Blaster. This portable de-icer is specifically designed and engineered for hunting locations where you cannot access with other equipment to keep your favorite pond free of ice. It gives you the ability to hunt much later into the season. The Ice Blaster is the first portable, battery operated tool for de-icing remote hunting areas.

The Ice Blaster can be used to keep ice from forming and draw the ducks to you by bringing the warm water from the pond bottom to the surface. Constant movement of noiseless water current, will keep your duck decoys swimming all season long. The Ice Blaster DC motor can be run from a common 12 Volt, deep cycle marine battery. The 35′ waterproof power cord is included.

Light enough to be easily transported and used anywhere, it has a built in handle for ease in carrying. The 4 easily positioned legs fold up when you are ready to move to another area. Hanging the de-icer from
a blind or boat is possible using sling ropes or you can also purchase an optional dock mount.

The Ice Blaster can run up to 5 hours on a single 100 amp hour rated marine battery and clear up to a 2,000 sq ft area. This could vary depending upon the weather conditions and water depth. A minimum of 2′ of water is needed for optimum use.

Heavy duty with high quality, durable finishes, this product will help extend your hunting season and give more results with your decoy spread. What could be more enticing to ducks than open water with other ducks bobbing around!

For more information and to see it in action, visit or call 877-224-4899